Start an Axe Throwing Business

Axe throwing is a unique way for a group of friends to do something different, or for a company to have a fun day out. Better still, it's a really straightforward way to earn extra money from your land. All you really need is some axes, some targets, and a lot of insurance.

Before COVID-19 struck, interest in axe throwing was going up and up with Google search volume up 600% over the last three years. In fact, over 15,000 people were looking for it each month in the UK alone (165k in the US). With restrictions loosened, interest is climbing again.

Setting up an Axe Throwing Business in brief

One of the least expensive businesses to set up, all you need to set up an axe throwing site is a few sets of axes (less than £100 each), some targets (can DIY these), and suitable insurance.

A simple website and instagram account will really make you stand out (we can help with these).

A party of four will expect to pay £100 for an hour-long session.


Ease to produce

 Time Required

What does Alex think about Axe Throwing?


Axe Guy

I think this is a great idea !! doesn’t need much space the range it’s self is around 5 meters. In terms of start-up cost, you are mainly just looking at the hatchets, however, you will recover these costs in a couple of sessions then you are all profit from there! Not only that it is great stress relief so when things get a bit much you have somewhere nice to hurl a few axes.

What do you need to get started with an Axe Throwing Business

Axe throwing targets

The best thing to do here is to make your own. You'll need a backstop -- hay bales, a tree, a very solid wood frame, something like that. Once you have that, you can just get some straightforward paper targets used for archery. Here are a few options

Throwing axes

Ideally you'll get some competition throwing axes once you're established, but to begin, any tomahawk type axe will do a treat.

Get help starting your axe throwing business

Website and Instagram

If you'd like some help putting together a site and instagram profile, click below. We'll sort you out.

Focus on your land, not your website.

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