Start a Quad Bike Tour Business on your Farm

Quad bikes and quad bike tours are fantastically popular in the UK (ATVs in the US). Nearly 50,000 people per month run a Google search for quad bikes, and interest only continues to grow.

If you want to run a quad bike tour or quad bike course / racing business on your land, there's a hefty upfront investment, but it can be a lot of fun, and it offers you loads of opportunities to cross sell other products you've raised on your land.

Setting up a Quad Bike business in brief

With punters paying £120 per person for a half day quad bike tour, revenue really adds up with this business. There's a sizeable upfront cost, though, with youth bikes running up to £2k apiece, and adult rigs costing upward of £5k.

Don't forget all the kit and insurance too!

That said, it's a turnkey operation that you can have up and running within a few days.

So if you're impatient, have some cash, and like adrenaline, this may be for you.


Ease to produce

 Time Required

What does Alex think about Quad Bikes?


Quad bike guy

I think this is a great idea !! Quad bikes are so much fun, and you help people create a lasting memory. Can't beat it!

What do you need to get started with a Quad Bike Tour Business

Quad bikes

To get your business off the ground, you'll need a bike for yourself and a few for your guests. We'd recommend perhaps four adult bikes and two junior ones if you have the cash (around £30k).

Quad Bike Gear

You need to protect your investment with bike coverings and other accessories, and you'll need to look after your guests with appropriate protective gear. Most of this kit isn't too expensive, though, especially compared to the price of the quad bikes themselves.

Get help starting your quad bike tour business

Website and Instagram

If you'd like some help putting together a site and instagram profile, click below. We'll sort you out.

Focus on your land, not your website.

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