How to make money from Glamping

People love to camp in secluded areas to escape from cities. It's the best way to run away from layers of pollution, honking cars, and skyscrapers that eat up the murky sky. In recent years, camping has taken a step towards luxury - and has become "glamping", i.e., glamorous camping. 

If you're a nature lover and camping enthusiast who wants to share the wonders of this experience with luxury-loving campers, you can start your own lucrative glamping business. Whether you already own a farm or have your eyes set on one, you can set up a glamping site and attract visitors.

Setting up a glamping business in brief

Glamping (fancy camping) has become increasingly popular particularly with the rise of COVID-19. Setup costs can be high, but if you're handy at marketing and like looking after people, the payback period can be swift.

In addition to the reservation fees, you'll have the opportunity to cross sell lots of products and services to your guests.


Ease to produce

 Time Required

What does Alex think?


Glamping Guy

I really like this idea beyond the initial start-up cost and there is lots of information out there on how to do it cheaper I think this offers an innovative solution to parts of your land you may not be otherwise using .There are many ways of innovative ways of offering glamping and this is only limited by your imagination ….. know anyone with an old bus around the corner. Much like running a bed and breakfast (minus the cooking) it allows you to meet interesting customers and there are lots of upsell options such as lifts from the nearest train station and camping essentials such as fire wood or even eggs and bacon for breakfast.

What does Alex think about Glamping?

How to get started with glamping

To put it simply, the concept of glamping is about bringing together the beauty of escaping into the arms of nature and the luxury of living in resorts. While the idea of luxurious holidays in the countryside began many centuries ago in Europe, the term "glamping" has been marketed as a new form of camp tourism with a grand resort's amenities and facilities. 

Business Opportunity for Glamping

As is true with all businesses, you must look at existing markets and industry leaders to understand business opportunities. This way, you will understand the current trends that are being offered by other owners of glamping sites, where the visitors are of all age groups and backgrounds. They mostly come from cities to look for an escape.

The Market for Glamping

While the rest of the world is catching up with glamping, Europe has captured a major space in the industry, with almost 400 European glamping sites currently listed. Before you decide to start your business, understand the kinds of visitors you may find. So, you need to understand that each will have different demands. Your potential customers might include the following:

  • Family - Groups of adults with children, seniors, or even pets, looking for fun activities and learning about nature, animals, food, etc.
  • Couple - Privacy seekers with an eye for unique dinners, beautiful sites, cozy accommodation, activities that can bring them together, etc.
  • Friends - Groups of people who are out to explore the countryside together and learn something about nature, food, farming, etc.
  • Solo - Single travelers looking for new experiences that can enrich their lives and return home with unforgettable lessons
  • Business - Group of professionals who are out looking for a relaxing time and exploring activities that can be part of their CSR projects
  • Students - Youngsters of any age group, from school to university, out to look for learning opportunities through first-hand experiences in nature

A glamping site on a farm can entertain any of these groups. You need to research the wants and needs of each and make an informed decision about which type of guests you would like to entertain. You also need to consider that even as glampers, there will always be two types of campers - those looking for highly luxurious experiences and the others with a comparatively lower budget.  

Glamping around the web

Interest in glamping has consistently risen over the last decade with a clear trend upward. It's especially popular in the UK and Ireland as well as...Slovenia.

glamping trends

And of course everyone loves sharing their glamping holidays on Instagram.

glamping on instagram

How much can you make from Glamping?

The costs incurred and the rates you set will affect your revenue, depending on location, facilities, and services offered. Your profit will vary accordingly. To understand the ongoing rates, you can look at the competitors. Remember that your glamping business has the potential to earn significant profits. One instance is Under Campus, which rakes almost $8 M as their annual revenue. 

How many Glamping units per acre

The area of land required to start your glamping business will depend on the location and nature of the service. Ideally, if you have a large glamping tent in mind, you should allow half an acre of land for it. This will allow you to give your guests the opportunities to enjoy various activities, from learning farming to fishing and boating. 

On the other hand, if site activities are fewer because there’s a common area of attraction nearby, you can fit in anything from three to five glamping sites in an acre. For example, if you have a tea estate or a winery around which you want to build large safari tents, allotting less than half an acre of land to a single glamping unit will work, without hampering the experience of your guests.

How long does it take to make money from Glamping business?

How long it will take to recover the cost of investment will depend on a number of factors, including whether or not you already own the land, how much or renovations you have to undertake, the level of luxury you are aiming for, whether or not you have employees and other variable costs, etc. 

Let’s consider that the initial expenditure is about $10000, and you have a single unit. If you charge your guests $100 per night, it should take you a little over three months to break even. However, this will not be practically possible, because in the initial stage, you will not get a booking every night of the month. Let’s not forget that your recurring costs like electricity or employee salary will continue. 

Ideally, it would take around six months for you to cover the initial cost. To make profits, however, it will take longer, as you will need to build a reputation. Glamping experts say it can take up to two years before your glamping business starts to generate profitability. In addition, you have to consider the fact that because of the global pandemic, people are going to be wary about traveling any time soon.

Where can you list your glamping site?

How you market your business to attract new customers is essential. Find your USP and highlight those to tell people that you stand out. Once you start getting visited by guests, build good relationships. This will help to bring them back. Don't forget to use the best online and offline avenues to spread the word. Use the following platforms to find glampers and stay connected -

  1. Social Media Platforms - The most popular social networking sites like Facebook will give you a chance to showcase your business. Since this is a part of the tourism industry, uploading stunning images of your site on the photo-sharing app, Instagram, might be a great idea.
  2. Listing Sites - Find websites with listings of glamping grounds. On these online glamping platforms, you can post about your offers, details about the services, rates, and more.
  3. Local Outreach - Your customers are not always online. You can find them offline, too, though ads in newspapers and travel magazines, as well as word of mouth. So keep networking.

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Cost of getting started setting up a glamping business

Assuming that you will not have to incur the cost of purchasing the land, you will incur certain costs at the beginning only, which are one-time investments. Others will be recurring costs, like taxes, electricity bills, rent, and more. Your costs will include -

  • Construction costs like glamping structure, renovation of land, amenities like electricity and sanitation, accommodation and furnishing, and luxury facilities,
  • Operational costs like utility bills, marketing, food, etc.,
  • Maintenance
  • Employee wages
  • Depreciation

If you take the help of construction experts, your initial costs can be anything between $9000 and $50000. Once you evaluate these costs, you will be able to ascertain the rates at which you will charge the guests at your farm. Don't forget to consider the service charges. 

What is the ROI on Glamping

You must remember that vacationers interested in glamping are looking for luxury. They are also ready to pay accordingly. It will surprise you to know that you can expect them to pay anything between $250 and $800 for a single night of glamping experience. 

By 2024-25, the glamping market is expected to grow at a rate of 11% in Europe and by 15% in the USA. So, if you charge $250 a night for a single unit, and have four units on your plot, you can make $1000 in a single night. It’s easy to calculate your ROI with the help of online tools that make your job easy.

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Get started setting up your glamping business

With rising stress, pollution, physical and mental health problems, etc. on the rise, people are constantly looking to spend time in the lap of nature. They seek adventures without giving up on the luxury needed to run their lives. So, a glamping business will likely attract a vast number of new-age travelers who won't mind investing a small fortune in unique experiences. 

So, you can expect to break even quite soon and start making big profits by the third year of your business. As long as you have an excellent location, a glamorous accommodation option, and luxury amenities, your business will pay for itself. 

Land and Condition Required for Glamping

If you already have a farm in the arms of nature, it will be a little easier for you. But if you're planning to make a new purchase, you must remember that a glamping site must have a combination of luxury and natural endowment. You can look for the following features:

a) Point of Attraction

The best location for a glamping site is one with a unique point of attraction that can coax people to come to your site. If you want to set up a site on a farm, a peek into the farm life in the countryside with organic food and natural beauty all around itself can be an excellent selling point. To top that, if the location has picture-perfect scenery, like a river nearby or sprawling mountains, it will be even better. 

b) Basic Amenities

Remember that this is not regular camping. The thing that transforms ordinary camping into glamping is the element of luxury and fabulous amenities. To offer a premium experience, you must ensure that the site is located in such a place that providing electricity, water, sanitation, etc., is possible easily.

c) Seclusion

The primary point of attraction for a glamper is seclusion. So ensure that your site offers complete solitude to the visitors. 

d) Accessibility

Privacy does not mean a complete lack of road connectivity. The spot should be easy to reach and have a parking space.

e) Pollution-Free

The location of glamping should be free from noise, dust, smoke, and everything else that makes city life difficult.

What do you need to get started?

To proceed with your plan in an organized manner and apply all the information about your target market and a vision of what you are going to offer, pen down everything in an organized manner. This will help you to structure your thoughts and have a step-by-step flowchart and a plan of action. 

With the help of a business plan, you will find it easier to establish your unique brand. Besides, it will help you to approach for funds and create a marketing plan. This will help you perform your SWOT analysis

Your business plan should help you find out the expected costs and speculate your returns. It will also help to figure out your basic requirements. To get started on glamping you need to consider the glamping structure and permissions. You’ll also need glamping kits. 

a) Glamping structure

There are various glamping options available now, which primarily differ based on the structure of the camp. To get started, you first need the setup for the glamping structure. 

Types of glamping structures

  • Glamping pod
  • Yurt
  • Treehouse
  • Safari tent
  • Tepes
  • Nature lodge
  • Barn
  • Hut
  • Shepherd's hut
  • Caboose
  • Bell tent
  • Airstreams
  • Log cabin
  • Container

The list goes on. To set up a glamping site, you need to get started with the structure based on the type of tourism that is viable in your glamping location. If you have a farm, any of the options mentioned above can be your structure of choice, as each is attractive and exciting in its own way.

b) Planning Permission

An essential step for any business is to ascertain the permissions and licenses required. To set up a glamping business, you will need planning permission, which is easier to acquire when you are not going to construct permanent structures like barns and huts. If you already own the land with ready structures, you will still need to consult the authorities for necessary inspections and licenses.

The good news is that you will likely get a lot of assistance and sound advice from the planning authorities as they are interested in supporting the expansion of the tourism business and diversifying it to farm stays. You can say that a glamping option on a farm is a trending tourism opportunity that everyone wants to utilize. 

Acquiring permissions and licenses will help with all the essential aspects of the venture. The requirements will vary from one location to another, and the regulations will depend on the local governing bodies. So you can either contact them directly or consult advisory organizations that will give you all the necessary information about the permissions and licenses. 

c) Glamping Kits

The glamping kits you’ll install on your site depend on the type or luxury level you want to offer, as well as the weather conditions. For starters, you can purchase a canvas curtain kit, chimney kit, cooking kit, insulation, solar panels, air circulation kit, and more. These are easily available on ecommerce sites like Amazon, which supply them to all countries. 

Thankfully, it is easy to find experts and consultants in the field of glamping. These experts will give you all the business advice you need to set up tents and huts and glam up your glamping site. You will be ready in no time with their help, no matter where you are in the world.  

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Get started selling

Set up a website

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Pick a name

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Get set up on Etsy and Amazon

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