How to Grow and Sell Pampas Grass Decor

Now that so many professional interactions happen over video from home, there’s demand for home decor that’s more interesting than a blank white wall, but not distracting or tacky. Pampas grass is affordable, minimalist, and big enough to be visible on a small screen.

With consumers stuck inside, reminders of the outdoors are at a premium. Since pampas grass is already dried and therefore doesn't require watering, it’s a set-and-forget way to get some nature into the Zoom window.

Selling Pampas Grass in brief

A setup like the one to the right sells for £12.70 ($15) on Etsy, plus £3 ($4) shipping.

It's easy to grow and looks beautiful while providing a number of ancillary benefits to your land.

While growing the grass from seed takes a few years, the profit potential per acre is in excess of £40k per acre per season.


Ease to produce

 Time Required

sell pampas grass on etsy

What does Alex think?

The business opportunity

The market for Pampas Grass

Once a slightly awkward plant with dubious connotations, interest in the hardy decorative grass has gone through the roof the last year.

Around the web

Traffic has rocketed since 2019 with interest spread across the US, UK, Australia, and Canada

pampas grass decor search interest
pampas grass decor regional interest

In the US, there's especially strong interest in the south and east

regional interest in pampas grass usa

The decorative grass is extremely instagrammable and does very well on pinterest, both of which have led to its increased popularity.

Pampas grass on Instagram

pampas grass instagram

Pampas grass on Pinterest

pampas grass pinterest

How much can you make?

Each acre of pampas grass should produce 8,000 to 16,000 saleable clumps of pampas grass at £5 - £10 each.

So at the low end, you might expect to make £40k ($50k) per acre per year. At higher yields and a premium price point, that could stretch as high as £160k ($200k) per acre.

Where can you sell pampas grass?

There are a number of options for selling the grass and a wide variety of distribution channels.

  • Marketplaces like Etsy and Amazon
  • Weddings and other events
  • Direct to work from home Zoomers
  • Wholesale to garden centres
  • Sell cuttings and seeds to other growers

Cost to get started

The cost of seeds is minimal at around £1 per 100 at retail. You might expect to pay £200 ($250) per acre for seeds.

Once the plants have taken, there's no requirement to water them, which is a significant cost save.

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Get started growing

Land required

Pampas grass forms a clump around 90cm to 120cm (3ft to 4ft) high and 150cm to 180cm (5ft to 6ft) across, and you could easily 100 - 200 arrangements like the one above from each clump.

So you can get started with an area as small as two meters by two meters. Do be aware the grass can be invasive, so plan accordingly.

An acre of land could host 800 clumps with plenty of room between for harvesting.

pampas grass clump

Clump of pampas grass

Growing conditions


  • Andes Silver’ - USDA Zone 6
  • ‘Bertini’ - USDA Zone 7
  • ‘Gold Band’ - USDA Zone 8
  • ‘Patagonia’ - USDA Zone 6
  • ‘Pink Feather’ - USDA Zone 7
  • ‘Sundale Silver’ - USDA Zone 8
  • Check out what hardiness zone you're in here, regardless of where you live in the world.

    Soil and position

    The decorative grass is very tough and adaptable but does prefer an open sunny spot with good air circulation and fertile well-drained soil. It's very drought tolerant and doesn't require watering except at planting.

    How long does it take to grow and harvest pampas grass?

    If you're using cuttings, you'll want to propagate the grass in either autumn or spring, and you'll see the flowers begin to spike out late summer. The grass will continue to thrive through winter.

    If you grow from seed, it will take three seasons before the flowery blooms form.

    It's generally recommended to plant it from transplant or division to ensure you get a female plant. The females are much more attractive than males.

    What you need to get started growing Pampas grass

    A great thing about Pampas grass is that you don't need much to get started. You need the land, the seeds / plants, and some water, and that's about it.

    For the Pampas grass seeds, we recommend these guys. Three to six kg per acre should be plenty.

    Kings Seeds Direct​​​

    Get started selling

    Set up a website

    If you don't have a website already, you may want to set up a simple one for your pampas grass venture. It doesn't need to be complex, but a one page lander with all the info customers need can do a wonder. The easiest one page site builder we know of is Carrd. You can sign up here. For a get started guide, you can have a look here.

    If you'd like some help with this, we'll happily build out a site and social presence for you. Just click here.

    Focus on your land, not your website.

    Pick a name

    You can call the site anything you want, but here are a few ideas for domains that are (as of publishing) available:

    If you don't like the look of any of those, you can click ​here to search for your own.

    Get set up on Etsy and Amazon

    Etsy and Amazon are the two most popular retail marketplaces for pampas grass decor, so you want to make sure you sign up with both of them.



    Find some wholesale buyers for your grass

    Wedding suppliers are an obvious first port of call when looking for a wholesale buyer of your pampas grass.

    • UK wedding supplier directory here
    • USA wedding supplier directory here

    Likewise companies that support remote working. Here's one to get you started.

    Other benefits to Pampas Grass

    It's beautiful

    The grass clumps themselves are quite stunning, particularly if you grow a number of varietals. The video below shows off a number of setups, and they look stunning. We recommend turning the sound off, though.

    It can deter predators

    The grass and flowers themselves can be quite spiky, so a row of the clumps could be a good deterrent to predators or other pests.

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