How to make money from Glamping

People love to camp in secluded areas to escape from cities. It's the best way to run away from layers of pollution, honking cars, and skyscrapers that eat up the murky sky. In recent years, camping has taken a step towards luxury - and has become "glamping", i.e., glamorous camping. 

If you're a nature lover and camping enthusiast who wants to share the wonders of this experience with luxury-loving campers, you can start your own lucrative glamping business. Whether you already own a farm or have your eyes set on one, you can set up a glamping site and attract visitors.

Setting up a glamping business in brief

Glamping (fancy camping) has become increasingly popular particularly with the rise of COVID-19. Setup costs can be high, but if you're handy at marketing and like looking after people, the payback period can be swift.

In addition to the reseervation fees, you'll have the opportunity to cross sell lots of products and services to your guests.


Ease to produce

 Time Required

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Glamping Guy

I really like this idea beyond the initial start-up cost and there is lots of information out there on how to do it cheaper I think this offers an innovative solution to parts of your land you may not be otherwise using .There are many ways of innovative ways of offering glamping and this is only limited by your imagination ….. know anyone with an old bus around the corner. Much like running a bed and breakfast (minus the cooking) it allows you to meet interesting customers and there are lots of upsell options such as lifts from the nearest train station and camping essentials such as fire wood or even eggs and bacon for breakfast.

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